Lawrence Peters
The Lawrencian Calendar for April 2016
April events:

Monday the 11th- Spinning "Honky Tonk Mondays" at The General (2528 N. California). I’ll be spinning hours of choice country records, including many new finds. Tonight’s event has the bonus of a tap takeover by Hopewell Brewing Company, cocktails from Chicago Distilling, and a special food menu. 7pm. No cover.

Tuesday the 12th- Going turntable-to-turntable with Cale Arthur at The Charleston (2076 N. Hoyne). It’s competition at its best, with music nerdery as the winner. This is one of Sara’s last shifts, before her departure to Los Angeles. 10pm start. No cover.

Thursday the 14th- Spinning an hour set for Greasy Denim Night at The Owl (2521 N. Milwaukee Ave). I will spin to win, with a solid hour of stompin’, hard rockin’, funky, fuzzed-out jams. Jeremy Cargill hosts. 10pm start, but 11pm to midnight (for my set). No cover.

Tuesday the 19th- "Country, My Way" on WLPN, from 2 to 4pm. Two hours of choice honky tonk, outlaw, bluegrass, countrypolitan... spun live on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, by yours truly. Tune in!

Monday the 25th- Spinning "Honky Tonk Mondays" at the General (2528 N. California). A whole night of country vinyl for your enjoyment. Grab a beer or a cocktail, and some tacos, why dontcha. It’s likely to be the last one, so come on by and make it count. 7pm to close. No cover.

Heads-up for May and beyond:

Tuesday, May 3rd- "Country, My Way" on WLPN, from 2 to 4pm. A full two hours of all that is great in country music, with ample doses of honky tonk, outlaw, bluegrass, countrypolitan... Catch it the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Wednesday, May 4th- Spinning "Country, My Way" at the Sportsman’s Club (948 N. Western). I’ll be spinning the motherlode of country vinyl, with many new finds, both classic and obscure. No filler. 10pm start. No cover.

Thursday, May 5th- Catch The Lawrence Peters Outfit at Lagunitas Brewery’s Taproom (1843 S. Washtenaw).Two long sets of un-ruined country music, plus access to all them tasty beers, and good food. 4:20pm to 7pm-ish. No cover.

Sunday, June 12th- A Day In The Country #9! Kindly put it in your calendar. Details t.b.a.

See you at everything!