Lawrence Peters
The Lawrencian Calendar for June, July and beyond...
Hey All,

The warmer months are looking real good for this guy. Take a look at the list, and get yerself a heapin’ helping of the goods. Alright!

First, a couple of quick notes:

1. A Day In The Country #11 is only a week away. Tix are still available, and there will plenty at the door. Cactus Blossoms are headlining. Rain or shine. See ya there!

2. Kindly nominate yer ol’ buddy, me, for Best Ameripolitan DJ, for my weekly radio show “Country, My Way”, on WLPN 105.5 FM. The DJ section is the last on the list:
You don’t have to fill out any of the other categories.
Here’s the archive of the most recent show on Mixcloud
There are plenty more there for your country-lovin’ enjoyment. Hoping you like it.


Today, Saturday the 16th- Spinning “Country, My Way” at the Solemn Oath Beer Garden Takeover at Larry’s Bar in The Lawrence House (1020 W. Lawrence Ave). I’ll provide the primo country vinyl soundtrack for the festivities. Marchanta is providing the food, and Aperol is featuring some cocktails. 4:30 to 7:30pm. No cover.

Wednesday the 20th- Time for another episode of “Country, My Way.” Country music’s finest hour(s), right here in Chicago. WLPN 105.5 FM. 4 to 6pm.

Thursday the 21st- it’s a real cool two-fer:
1. The Lawrence Peters Outfit is appearing on WGN TV, to promote A Day In The Country #11. Set your clicker to channel 9, or live stream it. We’ll be on in the loose 10:45am to noon (CST) timeframe, playing a song and talking about the festival and the band.
2. I’m playing Matt Gandurski’s Songwriter Showcase at the Lagunitas Taproom (2607 W. 17th St.). The new time on this is 5:30 to 8:30pm. Come by for some beers and foods, and catch a short set of my tunes (with Matt holding down the guitar part). Every performer is debuting a new song, with the theme “unknown”. I’m playing second. No cover.

Friday the 22nd- The Lawrence Peters Outfit is playing my buddy Justin Kaufmann’s new morning slot on WGN 720 AM. We’ll have time to play a few songs, and yuk it up with Justin and his crew, spreading the word about honky tonk music, and A Day In The Country. Tune in from 9 to 10am, or stream it live.

Saturday the 23rd- I’m spinning “The Mutant Hit Parade” at Marz Taproom (3630 S. Iron St). Laying down the krautrock, power pop, soul, post-punk... from 8pm to midnight. Get you some beers and snacks, and have yourself a fine ol’ time. No cover.

Sunday the 24th- The 11th Annual A Day In The Country!
2pm to 11pm at The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia).
Honky Tonk BBQ and Bang Bang Pie will be selling their wares, and we’ll have a plentiful amount of Lagunitas beer and Metropolis Cold Brew Coffee.
Get yer tickets right here:

Here’s the lineup:
Front porch 2pm

2 to 2:30- Michelle & Corbin Ferry Road

2:40 to 3:10- Al Scorch’s Country Soul Ensemble

3:20 to 3:50- The Mountainaires

4 to 4:30- Los Gallos

Backroom 4:30pm

4:30 to 5- Cropduster4

5:15 to 5:45- Lonesome Still

6 to 6:30- Golden Horse Ranch Band

6:45 to 7:15- The Saluda Moonlighters (Bailey Dee with an all-star country band!)

7:30 to 8- The Lawrence Peters Outfit

8:15 to 9:15- Cactus Blossoms

9:30 to 10- Three Blue Teardrops

10:15 to 10:45- Hodie Snitch

Wednesday the 27th- Digging in for another episode of “Country, My Way” on WLPN 105.5 FM. The goodest kinds of country music, 4 to 6pm every danged Wednesday. Tell a friend!

Thursday the 28th- Spinning “The Mutant Hit Parade” on WLPN 105.5 FM. Tune in for a real good mix of krautrock, power pop, post-punk, soul, new weirds…. It’s my idea of the “hits” from 4 to 6pm, the 4th Thursday of every month.


Wednesday, July 4th- The Golden Horse Ranch Band is bringing square dance back to Theater On The Lake (2401 N. Lake Shore Drive) with an event they are calling “The Big Whoop-Dee-Doo”. Come dance with us at this beautifully renovated venue. The good times start at 6pm, and end with a spectacular view of the big fireworks display. $25 for tix:

Wednesday, July 18th- Set yer dial to WLPN 105.5 FM for another outtasight episode of “Country, My Way”. 4 to 6pm every Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 25th- Tune in to WLPN 105.5 FM for two hours of the good stuff, on “Country, My Way”. 4 to 6pm every Wednesday.

Thursday, July 26th- Spinning “The Mutant Hit Parade” on WLPN 105.5 FM. Got yer krautrock, power pop, post-punk, soul, new weirds…. It’s my idea of the “hits” from 4 to 6pm, the 4th Thursday of every month.

Saturday, July 28th- I’m returning to Marz Taproom (3630 S. Iron St) for a few more prime hours of “The Mutant Hit Parade”. Get set for all manner of tite sounds. No cover.

Monday, July 30th- The Lawrence Peters Outfit plays with William Matheny. At Schubas (3159 N. Southport). 8pm show. More info to come. Kindly put it in yer calendar.

Tuesday, July 31st- Spinning “Country, My Way” at Ludlow (2959 N. California Ave). Cool new joint in the old Orbit Room space. Nice room, big backyard, ace drinks, and the kitchen’s open 'til midnight. 10pm start. No cover.

A coupla heads-ups for August:

Wednesday, August 1st- It’s my monthly country two-fer:
1. Set the radio to WLPN 105.5 FM for another fine set of country marvels, on “Country, My Way”. 4 to 6pm every Wednesday.
2. I’m doing my monthly thing at The Sportsman’s Club (948 N. Western Ave). Come on by for a whole night of classic and obscure country wonders, all on vinyl. Stick around for the fantastic drinks and vibes. 10pm. No cover.

Sunday, August 12th- The Lawrence Peters Outfit returns to The Chicago Honky Tonk Matinee at the Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western Ave), with St. Louis titan W.T. Newton. 1:30pm start. We headline. No cover.

Saturday, August 17th- The Golden Horse Ranch Band plays Summer Dance (601 S. Michigan Ave). Dance lesson from 6 to 7pm. Dance from 7:30 to 9:30pm. No cover.

More to come. See you at everything!